Deco’s Star-Studded Testimonial
FC Porto 2004 vs FC Barcelona 2006

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Deco’s Star-Studded Testimonial

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24/07/14 morning Training session

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Here’s what I promised you! I supposed to make this during the world cup because i hit 2k a while ago but yeah things happened and i got sad and lazy. But now i’m back! Here’s a special thank you for you guys who’ve been following me and keeping up with me, I just wanna say thank you! So let’s get on with it


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and of course my blogroll!! :-)

eehh i probably forgot some people (hopefully not much) but these are just the people that appears in my dash often (bc of timezones and stuffs) and a special thank you for you who always listen to my rants willingly you know who you are <3 Actually i’m planning to do a Q&A video in celebration of my 2k followers along with this ff if i receive questions. I’ll post the video on friday so yeah you can start to send in your questions now via my askbox.. it doesn’t have to be football related just anything you’re curious about :-) that’s all thank you everyone and have a nice day!!

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Colombino Trophy: Recreativo de Huelva 0-1 FC Barcelona

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